Friday, May 24, 2013

Bento Again! - Butterfly Goodbyn

Earlier this week I went to a very inspiring lecture from Richard de Leth.
It was about healthy food. 
Yes, a very important subject.
He wrote a book about it; it's called:  Oersterk it is in Dutch.

But he inspirited my to make a bento again for my oldest daughter.
Yes, I made them for some while before, but at some point she wanted here lunchbox to be just as the other kids.
To fit in with the crowd. Today she allowed me to make a Bento again :) :)

I'm very curious how her lunch today went on school :)

Butterfly Goodbyn:
Ham-Cheese sandwich
cucumber, carrots, Baby cheese, mini tomatoes,
raisins and some dried apricots.

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