Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost back to school

In The Netherlands the summer holiday is is divided in 3 parts.
This means the holidays are a bit spread.
This also means that this week the first (south) part of the Netherlands went back to school.
My daughter will start in 2 weeks, as we where the last to go on holiday, and therefore the last to start.
I haven't made anything fancy in the holidays....
And not sure if my eldest daughter wants to have Bento's (she asked me to stop 2 weeks before the school year ended)...
So maybe start little again :) They are just to cute to just stop totally.

I will have some nice en easy meals for the next weeks.
Us moms have to be creative sometimes to get our children to eat.
(Sometimes after a hard days work.)

Do you have any request? What would you like me to cook/bake/make?

Birthday cakes I made this summer:

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