Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yes I'm still here :)
We had a school holiday here, so I've been very bussy.
Not must Bento though, but that will change next week, when the holiday is over.

We had some special holidays:

April 25 th: Easter. After eating there Easter chocolat bunny (dairyfree). We went to an amusement Park, based on fairytails.

The children where a bit scarred of the witch of Hans & Grettel.

April 30th: Queensday. We celebrate the Queens Birthday. Everyone dresses up in orange. In every part of our little country you'll find garage sales, usually all together in the town centre.
Where you can be a whole lot of junk, and sometimes, nice things, as toys for the children. Disney books and a teapot :)

May 4th, we remember our deaths, (dodenherdenking) the whole country is quit for 2 min. at 8.00 PM. The Queen and several other important people (also a school class) lay flowers on the remembering monument.
First off all we remember WW2.

May 5th, we celebrate freedom. (bevrijdingsdag) Trough the whole country there a free concerts and festivals to celebrate our freedom. Which we sometimes take for granted, (and therefore we remember at May 4th).

Further we went to the beach a few times, had 2 BBQs and I went shopping with my 4yr old daughter :)
I was soooo proud doing this with her. See some shops, ate cake, more shops, gave her a little present and one of the things she liked best was that we went by train :)

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