Friday, April 15, 2011

Bento #4, I Heart you

Yes a Bento filled with only hearts :)

- omelet
- suasage
- cucumber
- 2 pieces heart bread with cookiespread (speculoos)


  1. Bentos are so fun. Have you been making a lot of Bentos lately? email me I might have some Bento boxes I need to find a good home for before I move to Brazil.

  2. You're moving to Brasil, wowwie
    Yes the are super fun,
    Yes I still make them, but my oldest girl has a 2 week holiday... so no need to make one for school.

    Monday she will return to school, and as my workweek starts on Tuesday... so will her next Bento appear from my kitchen :)

    I did some practising in teh meanwhile, and also made my nice neighbour addicted to it :)