Friday, January 7, 2011

Why no new recipes.....

Why..... Well first there where the very busy holidays, my birthday, my sisters....
& 2 sick children.

The holidays where great, how the suppost to be.
But al those nice treats & meals, not good for my tummy.
So instead of trying nice recipes I'm trying to diet & exercise.
Which, both, are very hard.

My sugar carving was sky high en needed to go down, also I needed to eat smaller portions... also very difficult.
Last Monday I started my Day 1 of 30 Day Shred.
Wow, I thought I die. No erxercise for 3 years can make you do that.
Tuesday went a bit better, Yesterday went great... almost no pain, I must say I did the modified version.
No use overdoing it :)

Ofcourse I still eat, but I need to find the right recipes to share with you.
Which fit in my "diet" :)

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