Friday, January 21, 2011

Pumpkin fries

Almost every sunday we eat at my parents house, togeter with my siter, her husband and her 2 boys.
My mother makes the best soup, really.
A few weeks back she had a piece of pumkin left over.
I don't like to spill good food, so deceide to make something nice with it.
I made, mouthwattering Pumkin Fries.
It was so delicious I want to share the recipe with you.

1/3 pumpkin
2-3 tbsp oil
(other herbs, like garlic, etc.)

Cut the skin of the pumkin, and cut nice fries size shapes, or squares, or rounds, ... :)
Put them in a bowl and drizzle the oil on top.
Add salt, peper, herbs and stir well.
Put the Pumpkin on a prepared baking sheet (I use bakingpaper).
Then appr. 20 minutes 180C (350F)

Very yammie


  1. I still have Enzo's halloween pumpkin on top of the bookshelf which is just begging me to turn him/her into fries. What a great recipe.

  2. Hi Da,

    sorry I didn't read your comment sooner.
    Was a little bussy. oops
    I hoped they tasted great :)