Thursday, January 20, 2011

Conversion grams-cups

Normally in the Netherlands we use grams.
We have to weight everything.
But I'm also owner of measuring cups & spoon.... which I find soooooo much easier.
So since I really started baking and trying Enlisch/US recipes, I started using the cups.
I've got plastic and aluminimun.
(I even made my own recipes in cups because they are easier.)

And when in doubt, or a grams recipe, I use this site to convert the grams to cups :)

Dianas Desserts - Conversion Tool


  1. Hi Tosca, where did you find US measuring cups in the Netherlands?

  2. Hi Elise,

    I found them at Action, and I also have one set from Kijkshop, those where in a bakingset together with bowls/wisker.
    I hope you can find yourself a set.