Thursday, January 27, 2011

Breakfast in a jar

What do you eat for breakfast?
In Holland we normaly eat one/some sandwiches.
But since a few weeks a browsing the internet to find recipes I stumbeld several times on oatmeal breakfast.
Normaly not my thing.
So sweet, not filling, no I just wanted to eat my savory sandwiches.
After rethinking it several times, I deceided to give it a go.
Not the instant oatmeal, but a variation.

I adopted Maria's version (from Chasing The Now):

Steel Cut Oats (Muesli)
No milk but water
some cinnamon
some almonds or a tbsp peanut/almondbutter...

Wow, this was beter then I expected and not as sweet as I thought.
And even more better: I could go on till lunch without feeling hungry. Jeeeeeej

So now I eat oats 3-4 times a week.
I normal eat my breakfast on work, if it's a work day.
To much hectic home, kids to feed,etc.
I arrive at work at 8.00 AM, turn on my pc, get me some tea and eat my breakfast.
Meanwhile the pc starts, and we are both readdy on the same time.
I know use an old peanutbutter jar, fill it with my banana, oats with dry fruits, peanut/almondbutter, cinnamon, etc. and take that to work.
In the office kitchen I ad some boiling water, heat it an extra 2 minutes in the microwave, stir well, and then enjoy my morning oats.

This morning I tried my new bought 4 kinds of peanuts butter, it was even better. :D

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